Learning Data Visualisation

Follow my journey as I learn how to create beautiful, interactive data visualisations with D3.js and Vue.js.

Day 3: Bitcoin Price Graph - #100DaysOfDataVis

Today I create my first line graph using D3.js and Vue.js to show the price of Bitcoin over time.


Day 2: UK Coronavirus Calendar Heatmap - #100DaysOfDataVis

Today I use the color step generator I made in day 1 to map UK coronavirus deaths to a calendar heatmap


Day 1: Color Step Generator - #100DaysOfDataVis

In Day 1, I setup a project structure, install all the packages I need and create an interactive color step generator using D3.js and Vue.js.


Day 0: Why I’m doing this - #100DaysOfDataVis

Kicking off the 100 Days of Data Vis challenge. I introduce myself, my background and what I'm trying to achieve through this challenge.